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Why Choose Lake Region Energy?

  • We Have What You Need!

    We have heating oil, propane, diesel, and kerosene as well as a full heating & cooling equipment department for installations, service & repairs. We also supply fuel storage tanks.

  • A Variety Of Payment Options

    We offer different payment options and plans, each designed to meet a wide variety of customer financial budgets & planning needs.

  • Family Owned & Local

    Our team is embedded in the community. Your fuel delivery person, the person on the phone, and the repair technicians are all local and are your neighbors! 

  • We Are Here For You!

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Modern Oil Heating Systems: Elevating Comfort and Cost Savings

February 26, 2024

The evolution of home heating technology is revolutionizing comfort and efficiency. Modern heating oil systems outperform their predecessors, providing enhanced warmth and significant fuel savings. Manufacturers have prioritized energy efficiency, resulting in maximum performance with minimal fuel consumption. Explore the numerous benefits of these advanced heating systems for your home.

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Boiler Might Be Leaking

February 20, 2024

A reliable boiler is crucial for a cozy home, especially during cold months. However, boiler leaks, a common issue for many homeowners, can undermine the system’s effectiveness and raise safety concerns. This article explores the causes of boiler leaks, shedding light on this frequent problem and offering solutions to fix and prevent them.

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Choosing Your Propane Delivery: Automatic or Will Call?

February 12, 2024

Much like a car, a home propane tank requires regular refills for uninterrupted heating. Propane suppliers typically offer two delivery options: automatic, where the supplier monitors your tank and refills it when necessary, and will-call, where you track your own fuel levels and request a propane delivery. This article explores both options.

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