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Why Choose Lake Region Energy?

  • We Have What You Need!

    We have heating oil, propane, diesel, and kerosene as well as a full heating & cooling equipment department for installations, service & repairs. We also supply fuel storage tanks.

  • A Variety Of Payment Options

    We offer different payment options and plans, each designed to meet a wide variety of customer financial budgets & planning needs.

  • Family Owned & Local

    Our team is embedded in the community. Your fuel delivery person, the person on the phone, and the repair technicians are all local and are your neighbors! 

  • We Are Here For You!

Recent Articles

image of a homeowner listening to the heating oil tank alarm

What Causes the Whistling Noise During Oil Delivery?

December 4, 2023

New customers often have questions during their first heating oil delivery, especially about the distinctive whistling sound. While it may seem unfamiliar, it’s a standard feature of oil deliveries. This sound is the result of the oil tank vent alarm in action, ensuring efficiency and safety during the entire refilling process.

image of propane tank in snow depicting does propane freeze

Should I Be Concerned About My Propane Freezing?

November 27, 2023

Residents often question the performance of propane during colder months, pondering its susceptibility to freezing. While propane’s eco-friendly nature makes it an ideal choice for remote areas, understanding its behavior in low temperatures is essential. This article aims to address these concerns, shedding light on propane’s reactions in frigid conditions and offering valuable insights.

image of tips and tricks depicting heating hacks for home in winter

10 Winter Heating Hacks Without Cranking Up the Thermostat

November 20, 2023

Our homes should serve as warm sanctuaries from winter’s bite. If you find yourself shivering indoors, turning up the thermostat might seem like the answer but it can lead to soaring energy costs. Thankfully, there are efficient methods to boost warmth without denting your wallet. Dive into these insightful heating strategies for a cozier experience.

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