Propane Safety

When it comes to propane, safety should always be your top priority. It is important to take the necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself and the people you love from potential hazards.

This includes choosing a reliable propane supplier like Lake Region Energy.

We prioritize safety in everything we do, from proper handling and delivery to regular maintenance of propane systems.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient use of propane for your home or business. You can trust us to provide high-quality propane services that prioritize your well-being. Make the smart choice for your propane needs and choose Lake Region Energy.

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If You Smell Gas...

No Flame

No Flames or Sparks!

Promptly extinguish all lit smoking materials and open flames. Refrain from using lights, appliances, landlines, or mobile phones, as they may generate sparks or flames that could ignite an explosion or fire.

Evacuate the Area Without Delay!

Ensure that everyone vacates the building or vicinity where a gas leak is suspected.

Turn Off Propane Valve

Shut Off The Gas

If it is safe, switch off the primary gas supply valve on your propane tank. To secure the valve, rotate it clockwise (to the right).

Inform Authorities about the Leak

From a neighboring house, a different structure or from your cell phone, situated at a safe distance from the gas leak, promptly contact your propane supplier. If you are unable to reach them, dial 911 or get in touch with your local fire department.

Propane Safety Inspection

Do Not Enter The Building

Maintain a safe distance! Do not approach the area until your propane supplier, emergency responder, or a certified service professional confirms it is secure.

Have Your System Inspected!

Prior to using any propane appliances, consult your propane retailer or a skilled service technician to examine your entire system, ensuring it is free of leaks.