About Us

Lake Region Energy is more than just a fuel delivery service. We're your neighbors, dedicated to keeping the homes and businesses of Maine comfortable all year round. Whether it's ensuring your fuel tank is full, servicing your heating and cooling systems, or providing expert installations and repairs, we're here to bring warmth and comfort to your doorstep.

Though we officially launched in 2023, our roots go much deeper. Born out of a joint venture between two industry stalwarts with nearly a century of combined experience, Lake Region Energy brings a new level of trust and integrity to home energy needs.

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality services at competitive price points, all wrapped up in a package of exceptional customer service.

Pam And The Drivers At Lake Region Energy

We cater to a wide audience...

from the residential homeowner who relies on heating oil or propane to stay cozy during Maine's frosty winters, to the local business owner who needs a reliable fuel delivery service to keep things running smoothly. We're also there for those who need expert advice, service, and maintenance on their heating and cooling systems.

What sets us apart?

It's our meticulous attention to detail, our customized approach to each customer's needs, and our unwavering commitment to quality service. Our General Manager, Pam Giordano, and our Co-founders, Mike Estes and Jim Townsend, lead a team that strives to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

When you choose Lake Region Energy, we want you to feel confident that your home energy and comfort needs are in expert hands. And not just any hands - friendly, professional hands that care about your comfort as much as you do.

Looking forward, we're not just aiming to be Southern Maine's leading fuel & HVAC provider. We're working to create an effortless experience for our customers, with plans to implement online fuel ordering, online support, and emergency delivery services. We're not just here to keep you comfortable, we're here to make your life easier.