Kidde Nighthawk™ Gas & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector & Gas Alarm

The Kidde KN-COEG-3 AC powered and plug-in alarm offers dual protection against carbon monoxide and explosive gas threats, ensuring the safety of your family.

With a 9V battery backup for uninterrupted protection during power outages, this alarm goes beyond AC-only units. The Peak Level Button allows you to view the highest recorded CO level, while the digital display indicates the current carbon monoxide level and the presence of gas.

The gas sensor is designed to detect natural gas (methane) or propane, providing comprehensive safety monitoring.

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Benefits Of Installing A Kidde Gas And CO Detector/Alarm

Experience the trusted protection synonymous with Kidde products through the KN-COEG-3. Installable in any AC wall outlet, it provides flexibility with options like a direct plug, a 6’ power cord, or a tabletop unit. Tailor the installation to your preferences, ensuring a perfect application. UL listed with a 7-year lifespan, the KN-COEG-3 comes with a 5-year limited warranty, assuring long-lasting safety for your family.

Warning Sounds Made By The Kidde CO/Gas Detector

Ensure the safety of your home and family by understanding the different beep patterns of your Kidde carbon monoxide alarm. If you've had CO alarms for 5-7 years, it's time to replace them. Here's what the beeping means:

  1. Continuous Four-Beep Alarm Pattern:
    • Indicates a dangerous level of CO gas.
    • Respond appropriately to a CO emergency or address a nuisance alarm.
  2. Consistent Chirping:
    • Chirping every 60 seconds signals a low battery or end-of-life warning.
    • Replace the CO alarm immediately if it's in end-of-life mode.
    • A chirp every 30 seconds may indicate a malfunction or error code.
  3. Random Intermittent Chirping:
    • Address various situations causing intermittent beeping.
  4. One Long, Continuous Squeal:
    • Indicates tamper-resist warning or alarm malfunction.
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The Kidde App

Works seamlessly with Google Home and Alexa, enabling you to use voice commands for checking alarm status and connectivity.

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Placement of Carbon Monoxide And Gas Alarms

CO alarms should be installed with consideration to the following guidelines:

  1. Avoid placement near sources of flames, such as fireplaces or gas hobs.
  2. Keep them out of enclosed spaces like behind furniture or inside cupboards.
  3. Ensure they are not obstructed and have proper air circulation.
  4. Avoid direct placement above sinks.
  5. Steer clear of positioning them next to external doors, windows, or ventilation equipment.
  6. Consider temperature limits specified by the manufacturer, typically avoiding areas below -5 ºC or exceeding 40 ºC (refer to the user manual for variations).
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Prioritize Safety with Kidde Combination Gas Detectors from Lake Region Energy

Lake Region Energy puts Safety first for all of our Valued Customers. That is why we highly recommend that every customer has one carbon monoxide detector installed on each floor of their home.

Lake Region Energy now stocks the Kidde Combination Gas Detector at all of our office locations. The Kidde Combination Gas Detector detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) as well as Propane and Natural Gas.

Carbon Monoxide Detector FAQs

Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed on every floor of your home, especially near sleeping areas. Install them in hallways and common areas, but avoid placing them too close to fuel-burning appliances, windows, or ventilation openings.