Why Use A Ductless Air Conditioner For An Oil-Heated Home Without Ducts?

Most homes that are heated using oil employ hydronic heating systems, which typically do not have HVAC ductwork. When summer arrives, homeowners relying on oil heat tend to use window air conditioning units rather than central cooling systems. While this may have been a reasonable solution in the past, the emergence of ductless air conditioners has altered the landscape. There is now a superior alternative available, and individuals seeking a replacement should consider switching from window AC units to ductless air conditioners.

This article explores some of the drawbacks of window air conditioning units and explains why ductless systems represent a significantly better option for air conditioning for old houses.

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Why Window Air Conditioners are Poor Cooling Solutions

Let’s delve into some disadvantages of utilizing a window air conditioning unit.

1. Window Air Conditioners are Bulky

Central air systems rely on separate indoor and outdoor units that work in tandem to generate cool air. Meanwhile, window air conditioners consolidate these components into a single unit, which can result in a larger size. Despite decades of engineering efforts, their bulkiness has not been significantly reduced since their initial invention. As a result, they often protrude considerably from the outside of the house, detracting from its aesthetic appeal. This is not only visually unappealing but can also lower the property’s value by reducing its curb appeal.

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2. Window Cooling Systems are Expensive

It is important to remember that air conditioners use a significant amount of energy. So, simply looking at the price of different air conditioning models is not enough when you are shopping for a new one. You must also factor in the ongoing operational costs. Regrettably, window air conditioners are not very efficient and costly to run. They use more energy relative to their size compared to other cooling options.

3. Window AC Systems are Loud

image of homeowner covering ears due to loud window air conditioner

If you use a window air conditioner in your bedroom, you might find it annoying because all its components are in a single box, and you can hear every cycle’s loud clicks and bangs. Although the room may be cool, you may have trouble sleeping well due to the noise, which can worsen over time. You should consider finding a better cooling solution if you can’t tolerate the noise anymore.

4. Window Air Conditioning Units Don’t Cool Well

Despite their size, window air conditioning units have a limited cooling capacity. Even the largest unit available on the market may be insufficient for cooling a large room and is only suitable for small to medium-sized spaces. You may need to use multiple window units if you have a bigger room.

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5. Windows AC Units Negatively Affect Indoor Air Quality

Window air conditioners tend to create gaps around their perimeters, which can result in unfiltered outdoor air entering indoor spaces. This unfiltered air may contain a variety of pollutants that can cause respiratory issues and trigger allergy attacks. Poorly designed window air conditioners may not effectively filter the air passing through them, which can lead to significant amounts of allergens remaining in the air. Window air conditioners can also create conditions that encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, further reducing the quality of indoor air.

Advantages of Utilizing Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

After examining the drawbacks of window air conditioning units, let’s now explore one of the finest alternatives and the reasons why you should consider using a ductless AC system.

1. Ductless Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

Comparing the energy efficiency ratings of window cooling units and ductless air conditioners, it is apparent that the latter has a superior ability to convert electricity into cooling capacity. Although the initial purchase price may be higher, lower monthly energy bills lead to substantial household savings in the long run.

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2. Ductless Cooling Systems are Space Savers

Ductless systems consist of two units: an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. With its slim and narrow profile, the indoor unit can be conveniently placed anywhere in a room without occupying a window and obstructing natural light. It can also be installed high up on a wall to avoid disrupting the existing interior layout.

3. Ductless AC Units are Noiseless

Most noise-producing elements are in the outdoor unit, insulated by the exterior wall, preventing their sound from being audible. The indoor air handler produces a low hum that is barely perceptible, allowing for a peaceful sleep at night and uninterrupted work during the day.

4. Ductless Air Conditioners Allow Zoning

Ductless systems offer the ability to partition a house into HVAC zones and adjust the temperature in each zone separately. This enhances comfort for all family members, as they are not obligated to tolerate a uniform temperature throughout the house. Occupants of each room can modify the thermostat settings based on their individual preferences and turn off the air conditioner in unoccupied zones.

5. Ductless AC Systems Provide Better Indoor Air Quality

One benefit of ductless systems is the absence of dirty ducts that could contaminate indoor air quality. These systems incorporate advanced multi-layer filtration technology, which is more efficient in preventing the infiltration of pollutants and allergens. As a result, ductless systems promote a healthier indoor environment.

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How Ductless Air Conditioners Can Offer More Affordability For Homes Without Ducts

Incorporating a forced-air cooling system can be challenging in homes with hydronic heating systems due to the lack of pre-existing HVAC ductwork. Installing ductwork throughout the house can be a complicated and costly process, often requiring the removal of walls and ceilings to accommodate the ducts. Conversely, ductless air conditioners offer a more streamlined installation process, only necessitating minimal connections between the indoor and outdoor units. This installation method is efficient, cost-effective, and less invasive to the home’s structure.

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Due to its numerous limitations, the window air conditioner has become outdated technology. With the availability of superior alternatives, homeowners should contemplate upgrading their cooling systems for improved energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and enhanced cooling comfort. Ductless air conditioners are a favorable option, providing a cost-effective installation process while meeting all necessary requirements. To determine the appropriate ductless AC, consult your HVAC specialist.

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