Lake Region Energy Partners with Lions Club to Warm Hearts and Homes

Lake Region Energy is thrilled to announce a heartwarming partnership with the Lions Club, a collaboration that goes beyond business and straight to the heart of our community. In a generous act of kindness and community support, the Lions Club has donated $500 to Lake Region Energy, specifically earmarked to assist families in need, ensuring that every member of our community stays warm this winter season.

This thoughtful donation will be used to provide essential heating services to families facing hardships, ensuring that the cold Maine winter is a bit more bearable. At Lake Region Energy, we believe that warmth is a basic human necessity, and this partnership with the Lions Club allows us to extend our reach, touching more lives and hearts than ever before.

We understand that the winter can bring unforeseen challenges, and during these times, community support is more crucial than ever. This donation isn’t just about providing warmth; it’s about nurturing hope, spreading kindness, and fostering a spirit of unity within our community.

If you or someone you know is struggling to keep their home warm this winter, we encourage you to reach out. Lake Region Energy is more than just an HVAC company; we are a team committed to ensuring that no family in our community has to endure the harsh winter without the comfort of a warm home.

Together with the Lions Club, we stand ready to support, serve, and warm the hearts and homes of our community. Let’s make this winter a season of warmth, compassion, and community spirit.

For assistance or to learn how you can contribute to this cause, please contact us at (207) 839-5500.

Stay warm, stay safe, and remember, together, we make our community a warmer place for everyone.

Lake Region Energy Receiving 500 Assistance Money
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