Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Company

If you’re dissatisfied with your current propane provider, there’s no need to continue with them. You needn’t tolerate delayed propane deliveries, undisclosed fees, inadequate service, ineffective communication, unprofessional behavior, or exorbitant pricing. Instead, choose a propane company that values you as a customer. There are numerous propane firms available if you search. However, be sure to do your research to locate the best one. Feel free to contact them and inquire.

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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Company

This article will give you insights on what inquiries to make when seeking a trustworthy propane delivery company in your vicinity.

1. What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted For Your Propane Delivery Services?

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One of the essential questions to ask a propane company is about the payment methods they offer for their propane delivery services. Earning money for monthly expenses can be challenging, and payment should not add to the burden. It is crucial to inquire about the payment options different propane companies provide. Are these options convenient for you, or do you wish there were other alternatives? For instance, some companies may only accept payments via mailed checks, while others may allow online payments, enabling you to settle bills with just a few taps on your phone.

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2. Is Will-Call Or Automatic Propane Delivery Available?

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Certain propane companies require a call before delivering fuel. To avoid running out of fuel, it is vital to check your propane tank levels regularly. Once the fuel level drops to 30%, contact your propane supplier immediately to schedule the next delivery. Some companies offer fuel usage monitoring and automatic propane delivery scheduling, eliminating the need to worry about running low. Which option is best depends on individual preferences. Contact Lake Region Energy to explore available propane delivery options and financing plans.

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3. Do You Offer Propane Tank Leases?

The cost of purchasing a propane tank for storage can be high. Opting for a new tank may ensure reliability, while choosing a used tank may help you save money. The price difference widens with larger tanks. However, not everyone may want to invest in buying a propane tank. Depending on your circumstances, leasing or renting a tank from your propane supplier might be a better option. Leasing a tank involves paying a small monthly fee, making it more affordable. The company takes responsibility for maintenance, making it stress-free for you.

4. What Is The Cost Of Terminating A Propane Contract?

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Leasing a tank means that the company will take it back when the contract ends. While it may feel premature to consider the end of the contract before it even begins, it is a wise decision. It is essential to know the termination fee and any additional charges for tank removal. Keeping track of these details will help prevent unexpected costs in the future.

5. Do You Have Any Promotions Available For New Propane Customers?

Inquire about any ongoing promotions aimed at attracting new customers. You may receive discounted rates on propane during the initial few months or have specific fees waived if you sign up before a specified date. Additional benefits are also available for those who sign long-term contracts. Since the initial transfer can be expensive, any opportunity to reduce costs would be appreciated.

6. Is It Possible To Purchase Propane At A Fixed Price?

The cost of propane is influenced by various factors such as supply, demand, and market conditions. These fluctuations can make it challenging to plan a budget, and there’s a risk of insufficient funds to cover the expenses. To avoid this issue, check if the propane supplier has an option for customers to purchase propane at a predetermined fixed price. This program can provide stability and assurance that market volatility will not affect the price you pay.

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7. Does The Propane Company Have A Good Safety Record?

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Propane can be safe if handled correctly, but it can become hazardous if handled by unskilled or careless personnel. Examine the safety records of different propane delivery companies in your region, and make a note of the companies involved in accidents as well as those with a clean safety record.

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8. What Other Services Do You Provide?

Having all your propane-related requirements handled by one company is convenient. Certain companies even provide additional services like propane appliance maintenance, gas line inspections, and emergency propane deliveries. If you require any of these services, choose a full-service company that can provide all of them.

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