Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

It isn’t an ideal situation when your boiler suddenly experiences boiler problems. After all, it’s inconvenient to go without heating or hot water when it is most needed in your home. It is also dangerous to be exposed to the extreme cold, especially for the elderly and children. When you are knowledgeable about common boiler issues, you can act quickly and prevent system failures.

This article lists several of the most common boiler problems. It also includes the likely reasons they occur and some possible solutions.

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Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

Here are the top ten most common boiler problems homeowners may encounter:

Boiler Is Leaking

oxidized boiler pipe and boiler leak

An internal component issue typically causes a boiler leak. It can be the pump seal or pressure valve. If it is the latter, the system’s pressure may have gotten too high. If it is the pump seal, the component may have worn out. 

Corrosion can also cause a leak around the pipes of your heating system. Another cause is a problem with system installation. It is recommended that you contact a trained HVAC technician to determine and resolve the leak. They may suggest a new boiler installation if an especially severe issue causes the leak.

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Low Boiler Pressure

Looking at the built-in pressure gauge can typically tell you if the pressure in your boiler is too low. The ideal range for boiler pressure is 1.5 bar. The boiler cannot operate properly if it is below 1 bar.

Several causes of low boiler pressure are a failed part or seal, recently bled radiators, and a system leak. You can help identify the problem by searching for visible leak signs. However, never try to remove any of the boiler’s casings. We recommend calling your trusted HVAC technician when you discover a leak. If you can’t find a leak, try repressurizing your boiler if you are comfortable doing so. Remember that this task is best left in the hands of an HVAC expert.

Boiler Doesn’t Provide Heating Or Hot Water 

It can be frustrating when your boiler stops working because it leaves you without heat and hot water. It can result from several causes, including a malfunctioning thermostat, low pressure, faulty system diaphragms, airlocks, or broken motorized valves.

Check the pressure gauge to determine if low pressure is the cause. The boiler may need to be repressurized if the bar is below 1. If a thermostat problem is causing intermittent heating and hot water, check the thermostat’s manufacturer guide for a possible fix. We recommend calling your manufacturer if you can’t find any.

Call a trained HVAC technician if these suggestions don’t help. After all, a faulty diaphragm or a broken motorized valve needs to be checked by a trained HVAC professional.

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Frozen Condensate Pipe

This is a prevalent issue, especially during the cold seasons. The condensate pipe is where the boiler’s condensate passes through to an outside drain. The condensate can freeze when there’s cold weather, causing a blockage. This is a common problem in homes where the condensate pipe is installed outside or in an unheated area like the garage. When you have a frozen condensate pipe, the water can go back into the boiler and cause a system breakdown.

Fortunately, this problem can be resolved quickly and easily. You can even do it yourself. Insulating the pipe is typically a long-term fix for this problem.

Boiler Radiator Faults

image of a homeowner calling hvac contractor because radiator thermostat and boiler not working

Radiators with air or sludge buildup can typically result in problems like cold patches. This means that heat is distributed unequally. Different issues can cause cold patches. Luckily, bleeding the radiator can resolve many radiator issues. Contact an experienced HVAC technician in your area to determine why your radiator has problems.

Boiler Not Responding To Thermostat

The thermostat’s control may be old or faulty if the boiler fails to respond completely to the thermostat. You should do some checks before deciding that the device is broken.

For instance, switch out the batteries. This may seem obvious, but it is commonly overlooked. You should also try positioning the thermostat closer to the boiler and ensure no interference. If the thermostat issue persists, check the instructions booklet or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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Boiler Emits Gurgling, Banging, or Whistling Sounds

Boilers normally emit some noise during operation, particularly when starting up. However, a boiler that suddenly produces odd noises like gurgling, whistling, and banging must be checked by a qualified HVAC technician. Make sure to call them immediately.

Several reasons can cause the boiler to make unusual noises. The boiler may have air in it, low water pressure, a malfunctioning pump, or limescale buildup called kettling. Call an HVAC professional for assistance.

Boiler Pilot Light Keeps Switching Off

Older boilers typically come with a permanent pilot light that must remain lit to be able to light the larger burner inside your boiler. The boiler’s thermocouple may be faulty if the pilot light keeps going out. If so, this is cutting off the fuel supply. Other reasons the light keeps going out are a draft or a deposit buildup.

You can try reigniting the pilot light on your own if you are comfortable doing so. Make sure you follow the boiler manual’s instructions. If you own a gas boiler, ensure the gas stopcock is on before you relight the pilot. Ensure that there are no gas supply issues by checking other gas appliances. It is recommended that you contact a licensed HVAC technician to resolve this problem.

This problem tends to occur more on older boilers because modern systems ignite electronically instead of using pilot lights. Consider a boiler installation if the pilot light issue persists. 

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Boiler Won’t Turn On (No Power)

feeling chilly due to boiler not working

If your boiler unit won’t switch on, inspect other appliances and power supplies in your home to ensure they work. Check the fuse box to determine if there are any tripped or failed switches. If you cannot determine the cause, call a trained HVAC contractor.

If your boiler turns on but repeatedly switches off, there could be low pressure or a blockage inhibiting the system. Check the boiler’s pressure gauge and repressurize it if the bar is below 1. Otherwise, call your local HVAC contractor to help you.

Boiler Breakdown

Neglecting the issues listed above can eventually result in the boiler breaking down. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC contractor immediately.

Other reasons for your boiler breaking down beyond repair are age and inefficiency. It is recommended that you invest in a new system if your current one is old and inefficient. This way, you get the heating and hot water your household needs. You can also save on your energy costs when you install a modern and energy-efficient boiler


Keep in mind that you should only conduct simple boiler checks with minimum risk. Never try to resolve issues independently because this can be extremely dangerous.

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