9 Reasons To Choose Propane Over Electricity In Your Home

There is undoubtedly a strong urgency to use clean energy for the reduction of carbon emissions and environmental preservation. No one can argue how important it is to reverse the climate crisis for future generations. This has made the idea of electrification somewhat of a popular term in the media these days when it comes to clean energy. Still, you should know that electrification isn’t all it is made to be. The conversion cost is astronomical, and only people with deep pockets can fork out the money to truly convert their office or home. 

On the other hand, propane offers a lot in terms of clean energy. Keep reading to learn several aspects of propane vs electricity in further detail.

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Is Propane Really “Green”?

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Yes, propane is really green. Propane ranks as one of the highest among other fossil fuels on how cleanly it combusts. Compared to electricity, propane also provides unique benefits to the environment. A few of these benefits are clear when you compare a propane-heated home to an all-electric one. The propane home generates as much as 30% fewer carbon emissions. Homes using propane for space heating, water heating, clothes drying, and cooking can produce up to 50% fewer carbon emissions than an all-electric home.

The propane industry is also working on renewable propane. This liquid renewable fuel is made from water residues and sustainably sourced materials, such as agricultural waste, meat fats, and cooking oil. It is typically a coproduct of producing biodiesel.

Therefore, renewable and environmentally friendly options (biomass) are as clean but more affordable for households that can’t manage the high prices of converting to electricity.

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Propane Appliances

Propane appliances have a significantly higher efficiency level. This results in the generation of a smaller carbon footprint. For instance, a propane water heater can make the same hot water quantity in half the time it would take an electric water heater. Moreover, propane clothes dryers work a quarter faster than their electric counterparts, while propane space heaters are significantly more efficient than electric ones. The additional efficiency adds up, making it better for the environment and your budget.

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Propane Is Non-Toxic

You also receive peace of mind when using propane because it is non-toxic. In the rare chance of a leak, propane won’t put the environment at risk. It cannot harm the soil, air, water, plants, or water-based organisms.

Additional Propane Facts

Here are several more propane facts and the reason it is considered green:

  • Propane is the only fuel option that is part of the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the 1992 National Energy Policy Act.
  • Propane is the Earth’s simplest and lightest hydrocarbon.
  • It generates virtually no greenhouse gases, making it one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels.
  • Around 90% of America’s propane supply is produced domestically or in Canada, meaning it has a smaller carbon footprint than fuels that must be transported to the US from abroad. Moreover, its availability and price aren’t subject to international factors.
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Drawbacks To Electricity & The Electrification Movement

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Electricity is often called a green alternative, but it still has drawbacks. Coal-burning power plants produce most of the electricity in the US. This helps make electricity America’s second-largest greenhouse gas source. Transportation is the only one that generates more.

In addition, propane is 87% efficient, while electricity is only 32% efficient when calculating the energy needed to extract, process, and transport propane. 

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What Happens When We Electrify Everything?

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All-out electrification may have these consequences:

  • The bill, and others like it, is geared towards replacing oil- and propane-powered boilers and furnaces with electric heat pumps. However, over 1/2 of the electricity produced in Maine and New Hampshire is derived from natural gas combustion. Natural gas consists predominantly of methane, which is over 80 times more effective at capturing heat than carbon dioxide. This means that the {State}’s carbon footprint will have little change and could even expand it, especially when you think about how power plants lose 8 to 15% of the electricity they generate as they make their way to your home.
  • The energy grid is fragile and tends to cause brownouts during the summer. How can it manage the high demands of the frigid days of the cold season in the Maine and New Hampshire?
  • It is relatively common to use electric heat pumps as secondary heat sources. However, these systems experience a significant decrease in efficiency during winter. This is a non-issue with propane and oil-fired systems. Be prepared to experience cold nights when you use electric heat pumps.
  • Regional data states that the average cost of a heat pump installation can be more than $20,000. This is around double the cost of replacing today’s oil- and propane-powered furnaces and boilers.
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Nine Reasons to Choose Propane in Your Home

Electricity may get a lot of buzz, but you should consider choosing propane over electricity in your home for several reasons. Listed below are nine advantages you’ll get when you choose propane over electricity in your home.

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Propane Is Cost-Efficient

image of cost reduction depicting depicting using propane energy

Propane-powered appliances are highly efficient, so they cost less to operate. The US Department of Energy narrates that you can have an annual saving of $174 when you use a propane water heater rather than an electric one. The operational cost of propane water heaters is around 30 to 50% less when compared to electric models.

Propane Is Versatile

Aside from home heating, propane can power appliances like water heaters, ovens, and clothes dryers. You can also use it to fuel backyard appliances like patio heaters, pool heaters, and grills. You can also use a propane fire pit or lighting to add warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor area. 

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Propane Is Dependable

Propane access is unaffected by extreme weather or any other event that causes the electric grid to fail.

Propane Is Easy To Store

Propane will not degrade as time passes. Moreover, propane tanks need very little upkeep while offering a lot of longevity. You can keep propane tanks in storage for up to 40 years!

Propane Is Wherever You Need It

Access to the electric grid can be costly, depending on where you live. On the other hand, professionals at Lake Region Energy provide dependable propane delivery in Maine and New Hampshire. Rest assured that our company can supply you with your propane needs regardless of the weather or market conditions.

Propane Gets The Job Done Quickly

Propane water heaters heat water faster than electric ones. A propane water heater can also generate twice the hot water volume as an electric water heater in the same period. Propane clothes dryers can dry your laundry 25% faster and cause less static than their electric counterparts. Propane space heaters also offer a significant increase in efficiency than electric heaters.

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Propane Is Greener Than You Think

Propane water heaters produce around half the carbon emissions of electric water heaters with a tank. Electricity is America’s second-largest greenhouse gas source due to the coal-burning power plants that supply most of the country’s electricity. It comes second only to transportation.

Propane Offers Longevity

A propane gas furnace has an average service life of two decades, while electric heat pumps last only 14 years.

Propane Is Efficient

Around 27-kilowatt hours of electricity is needed to generate the same energy as burning a single gallon of propane.


There are many reasons to pick propane to power your home, and Lake Region Energy can aid you in all your propane needs.

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