Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

Homeowners utilize different types of fuel for their heating systems. Propane is one of the most common because it is an affordable and highly efficient fuel, and it has a good safety record. For many homes, propane use goes beyond the winter season. Homeowners use it to power some of their home-based activities during the summer. Some of these include grilling, firepits, and other personal outdoor activities. 

This article lists some of the reasons you should stock up on propane during the warmer months. We also cover some of the benefits of signing up for automatic propane fuel delivery.

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The Importance Of Keeping Your Propane Tank Full

As the summer warms the outdoor temperatures, you can turn off your boiler or furnace. However, you may still require propane to power other appliances that use fuel, like gas ranges, built-in grills, clothes dryers, and water heaters. Make sure that you have enough fuel to cater to your household needs. If you are having long-term guests or hosting summer parties, you may need more than the usual amount. It is crucial to have an adequate supply. Running out of propane means discomfort in your home and disruptions in daily chores. Ensure you have enough supply to prevent this.

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Propane Appliance Use Estimates

image of a propane water heater

You can predict how much fuel you will need for the summer season. Here are several of the standard numbers for different appliances:

  • Gas Range: This appliance operates at 65,000 BTU/hour, so it needs ~5-10 gallons a month.
  • Gas Dryer: It runs at 35,000 BTU/hour, requiring <~1 gallon daily.
  • Tankless Water Heater: It needs ~1.5 gallons per day as it runs at 40,000 BTU/hour.
  • Pool Heater: 21,000 gallons of water requires around ~4 gallons of propane per hour.
  • Built-in Propane Grill: Four burners on medium need ~0.75 gallons per hour.

Adjust the amount using the specifications of your appliances. Multiply these by your household’s frequency of use. Determine your propane tank’s exact capacity as well.

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Reasons To Stock Up On Propane During Summer

Residential Propane Tank Being Filled

Below are several reasons you need to stock propane during the summer:

  • Lower Summer Propane Prices: Propane companies don’t want their fuel to remain in storage for long periods. Therefore, they tend to drop the prices to encourage customers to buy propane during the summer, during the off-season. This strategy effectively clears their inventory so they can have the space for the fuel to be sold during the fall and winter. Individuals should take advantage of these low prices. This way, you cook freely and wash and dry clothes and other fabrics without much worry about fuel usage. 
  • Reduced Propane Delivery Costs: Faster and easier deliveries are another reason that fuel prices are lower during summer. Delivery companies don’t have to drive through bad weather and slick, icy roads. The dry roads make traveling from their depot to different homes much quicker, so they don’t need to be as cautious. They can also maximize their calendar to serve more customers instead of constantly rescheduling deliveries. The delivery cost savings they will make can be passed on to their customers. Don’t wait for winter to get a propane delivery if you want to get this benefit. Stock up during the summer months instead.
  • Avoid Propane Demand Spikes: The production of propane is continuous, as it is always available year-round. However, its production is limited to the capacity of manufacturing facilities and storage areas. The demand for propane rises because of the cold weather, so the prices will also increase. Stock up now while there is lower demand instead of waiting for the prices to rise before buying propane. You should get as much propane as you want, and you can make it last until fall or even winter.
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Why You Should Enroll in Automatic Propane Delivery

image of saving money on home propane delivery

Propane delivery comes in two ways: manual and automatic fuel delivery services. Manual delivery means you have to monitor your tank and call every time you need more fuel. On the other hand, automatic delivery services occur without much effort, as the propane delivery company will calculate when you need more propane and deliver it when your tank is about 1/3 full. Their estimates are based on usual usage patterns and the prevailing weather. Enrolling in automatic delivery is arguably better as it gives you benefits like:

  • Get a Fixed Propane Rate: Like other products, propane prices fluctuate per the market forces. It may be low today, but it can increase in the future. Enrolling in automatic delivery programs means you can enjoy a fixed rate throughout the contract period. Budgeting will be easier this way because payments are predictable.
  • Lessen Your Fuel Delivery Anxiety: Propane is delivered to your home automatically, so you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel. The truck will arrive as needed, so you don’t have to repeatedly check the tank to see if you have enough propane for the coming days. This way, you can focus your attention on more pressing matters.
  • Avail of Full HVAC Service Deals: Propane delivery companies usually offer bundled services at a lower price. Signing up for their delivery service may allow you to avail of their HVAC tune-up or repair services at a discounted rate. This depends on the propane companies and their offerings, so check with your local supplier for details.
  • Rely on Experts: It is beneficial to know rough estimates, but they may not always be accurate. The forecast may not account for the appliances’ age, efficiency, condition, and other factors. They may also not consider the changing weather. Professionals can provide a more accurate estimate than untrained individuals. They can also make adjustments when conditions change.
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Summer is an excellent time to see friends and enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces with your family. You only need to ensure that you have enough fuel for your activities. Stock up on propane while they have low prices to have bigger savings. Search for a dependable delivery company offering automatic refills for your peace of mind.

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